I’m a 22 year old Web Developer based in Manchester, UK. Before becoming a dev, I was working in Tech Support for a few years. This gives me a good insight into the mind of the client I’m now developing features and fixes for.

I used to do freelance work but I try to keep that to a minimum nowadays. My day job and learning stuff after work keeps me busy enough!

When I’m not working I’m probably playing some games, out for a drive or catching up on the backlog of movies I’ve had recommended to me over the years.

Find me on:

This website.

This is just a place for me to share things I find interesting or ramble about things I’ve been getting up to. I haven’t spent a tonne of time making this in the latest and greatest frameworks and spending hours designing it – I’ve tried this a few times and I always end up tearing it down and starting again.

So for now, it’s just another WordPress site with one of the default themes 🙂